Culture on Track (Seeing is Believing) – London September 2016

Written by Veronica C Wilkinson.

London as a cultural Mecca did not disappoint this pilgrim on a recent visit to its ever changing skyline and neuron stimulating events. The newly inaugurated London Design Biennale showcased offerings from 37 countries at Somerset House and the London Festival presented works at other venues around the city featuring work that was uniquely globally specific and often innovative. The Biennale was themed ‘Utopia by Design’ where a type of material impressionism in terms of style was embodied by Australia’s Brodie Neill with his work entitled ‘Plastic effects’ reflecting the current global threat of non-biodegradable waste in our oceans. In the courtyard Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s sensitive kinetic installation described as an abstract meteorological machine inspired by weather-measuring instruments created links through time and between disciplines that emphasized the role of alternative energy for a more sustainable future.

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