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SAVAH Conference 2013

The annual SAVAH conference will be hosted by the Department of Visual and Art History, Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town

6-8 September 2013

Keynote Speaker: Prof Anthony Bogues

Harmon Family Professor of Africana Studies, affiliated Professor of Political Science and Modern Culture and Media, and Director of the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice at Brown University, Rhode Island.

The theme of the conference is: VISUAL ARTS AND ART HISTORY NOW: WHAT? HOW? WHY?

The theme for this conference revolves around three questions: WHAT do those in the visual arts and art history do? HOW do we do it? WHY does it matter?

The three questions invite engagement with the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of current visual artistic practices and/or intellectual work focused on the visual domain.  We welcome presentations falling under the rubric of not only Visual Studies and Art History, but also Film and Media Studies, Architecture, and indeed any discipline or field where the scholarship involves a focus on the visual domain.

SAVAH Conference 2012

Visual Dialogues: South Africa in conversation. The 27th Annual SAVAH Conference held 4-7 July 2012 at the University of South Africa in Pretoria. Following on the theme of ‘other views’ explored at the SAVAH/CIHA Colloquium in 2011, this conference aims to engage with the concept of dialogue embedded in visual art works. Visual dialogue involves different sorts of relationships and constitutes a shared communicative space.

SAVAH/CIHA Colloquium 2011

Other Views: Art History in (South) Africa and the Global South, held at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 12-15 January 2011. This conference addressed concerns about the unequal distribution of resources around the globe and challenges from post-colonial societies to the older methods and concepts of western art history. One of the key issues for discussion was the extent to which we need to re-think the discipline of the history of art in order to establish cross-cultural dimensions as fundamental to its scope, method and vision.
Download the conference proceedings here: Conference Proceedings 2011

SAVAH Conference 2009

THE POLITICS OF CHANGE: Looking backwards and forwards 25th ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN VISUAL ARTS HISTORIANS Hosted by the University of Pretoria 9 – 11 July 2009 This conference reflects on the history of the visual arts within (South) Africa and engages with the diverse and changing contexts of art (history) and visual culture in a critical manner. This discourse necessarily involves the dialectic of local and global politics that forms the backdrop to image making in (South) Africa.

SAVAH Conference 2008

‘Past the last post: The posts in (South) Africa’ 24th ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN ASSOCIATION OF VISUAL ARTS HISTORIANS. Hosted by the Department of Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University 4-6 September 2008 This conference invited a critical consideration of the relevance, appropriateness, and viability of the ‘posts’ in the study of (South) African visual culture. Post-nationalism, post-colonialism, postmodernism, post-apartheid, post-humanism, post-black, post-feminism are just some of the ‘posts’ that are used in contemporary discourse around visual culture.

SAVAH Conference 2007

South African Art History in an African Context 23rd Annual Conference of the South African Visual Arts Historians. Hosted by the Division of Visual Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand School of Arts, 13 – 16 September 2007 Recent SAVAH conferences have served as platforms for critical debates on transformation, with a focus on the extent to which these debates have transpired within the context of institutional, historical, social and political changes in South Africa.

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